Let Aerostarter be your guide to the world of aviation!
Let Aerostarter be your guide to the world of aviation!
Aerostater is a community for professionals and beginners in aviation industry.
This unique service is the innovative breakthrough solution which unites flight schools, clubs, instructors, pilots, students and flying enthusiasts, helps streamline the collaboration among all parties involved, automate the process, manage all reservations and schedule through a convenient online system.
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For student pilots
Aerostarter will be your expert in aviation world. The service will guide you through the learning process, will help you determine your goals, take the hassle off you in a search for the right instructor and aircraft and simplify the entire process of scheduling and booking.
Student’s benefits
Online guide to identify the right path in a world of aviation within your target, budget and timeline
An intelligent search system with a reliable match for the right instructors/aircraft provider in your area
Secure account for scheduling, pilot log with flying hours, easy payments for reservations and an option for online notifications about the upcoming events
Quick search for a discovery flight in your area to try yourself in a pilot’s seat with an option for a gift card purchase to introduce your friends to aviation.
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For instructors

Let Aerostater be your online manager and take the hassle of client leads and incoming customer inquiries and emails, tracking payments and invoices off your back. Our service will automate this process for you.

This online platform will will help you fill your schedule to its fullest capacity so that you can get as many students as you need to build up the instructor hours to advance your career and to increase your income!

Instructor’s benefits
Aerostarter will be generating a large pool of new students for you
Work conveniently with multiple schools through automated scheduling without participation of the aircraft provider and the instructor
Personal web page in online directory of aviation professionals
Secure online system that allows for easy interaction with students and aircraft provider, automates schedule , invoicing and credit card payments.
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For Flight Schools
and other Aircraft providers

Through Aerostarter you will be able to fill your schedule for available airfleet even during the least popular hours in demand! This intelligent online system will spare your administrative staff from routine daily tasks and free up their time for more important assignments.

Aerostarter will help you stand out advantageously among the competitors by impressing and attracting the customers with this advanced service and making the booking and training processes much more convenient.

Flight school’s benefits
Opportunities for attracting a pool of new students.
Opportunities for attracting expert instructors
Convenient web service for interaction with students which saves time for your staff, as students book the aircraft and the instructor online.
Secure online system that will automate bookings, scheduling, billing and payments with minimal commission.
Online notifications about the upcoming events
Free and super modern web page that will be transparent for search systems and bring a lot of traffic for your business
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